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Message from the Founder

Kuboi & Partners Law Office traces its beginning to the firm of Kuboi Kazumasa Law Office that I founded in 1976, 14 years after when I started practicing law in 1962. I was elected President of the Osaka Bar Association for 1998 and subsequently elected President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations for 2000 and 2001. During these terms, I dedicated myself to the judicial reform enabling legal services more accessible from all segments of businesses and individuals.

In 2000, Kuboi & Partners Law Office was established as a partnership when Mineo Imamura and Toshiaki Kuboi joined the management of the firm. Jun Ueda and Tomoko Matsumoto joined the partnership in 2008 and 2016 respectively.

More than 35 years, this firm has served a variety of clients, from publicly traded large companies, small/medium sized enterprises, local municipalities and individuals to fulfill their needs based on our fundamental principles; integrity and trust. Our practice area includes corporate law, commercial law, banking and finance law, real estate laws, contracts, tort, family law, environmental law, product liability law, adult-guardianship law, and so on. As our society becomes more and more complex and diverse, we see our roles of assisting clients in resolving their legal problems and disputes increasingly important. We offer clients our best service to satisfy their needs by using our long experience and know-hows and continue expanding our knowledge and honing our skills.
Founding Partner
久保井 一匡
今村 峰夫
I assumed the role of the representative partner of Kuboi & Partners Law Office together with Toshiaki Kuboi.

Our firm started when the founder Kazumasa Kuboi opened his office and it transformed into a jointly owned and all-round office in order to meet the needs of times. I joined Kuboi Law Office in April 1987. I was amazed by boss’s tremendous talent to interview clients and the eloquence in the structure and expression in his writing. He always continuously questioned his client about the extended background facts until he got the point on the roots of the problem, regardless of whether the client is a big company or an individual. As the saying “The eyes of birds, the eyes of insects,” during his interview, he overviewed the problem from “the eyes of birds” and took a close look at important part of facts from “the eyes of insects”. In this way, he grabbed precisely where the dispute was rooted so that his writings and briefs were always easy-readable with headers reflecting what he captured as the root of disputes and successfully convinced courts and even opponents. The more complicated the issue was, the more his talent shined. I believe that clients who were satisfied with his work have supported our firm for many years.

Environment surrounding lawyers has changed and our firm has changed with the times. Nonetheless, the valuable lessons that I leaned from my boss, which is “Capture the essence of disputes through the diligent interview,” has not been changed. In fact, I recognize the increasing importance of the lesson specifically when things become complicated and chaotic. One of my mission is to pass down what I learned from my boss to younger members of our firm so that all of our members can share this value as firm’s strength and will maintain it as firm’s tradition. I’ll do my best to achieve this goal and look forward to working for current and future clients.
Mineo Imamura
Representative Partner
I assumed the role of the representative partner of Kuboi & Partners Law Office together with Mineo Imamura. I’d like to introduce characteristics of our firm on behalf of the firm.

I believe that the one word describing the characteristics of our firm is “diversity.” Our firm deals with diversified range of consultation and cases from not only listed companies and middle and small sized companies but also individuals who turn to our firm with respect to their divorce matters, wills-and-estate matters, inheritance matters, criminal charge cases and so on. Our diversified members have handled a wide range of cases, including civil law cases, family law cases, business and trade issues, international matters, IP law cases, anti-social force matters, environmental law cases while our members are recognized for their contribution to their activities in specific areas of law at Bar Associations. We share know-hows obtained by handling the diversified range of cases, which have never been written in text books, with firm’s other members at the mandatory consultation meetings held twice a month and keep developing our knowledges and horning our skills. Additionally, we exchange our opinions on complex cases at the consultation meeting by the introductory report from the lawyer in charge of the case followed by the inputs from other “diversified” lawyers. In this way, we can find better solution for our clients from the multilateral perspectives.

When I was in university, the professor of the basic course for the 1st and 2nd year students told us very impressive words that I still remember. He said “you are going to study what you chose as your expertise. Think about how you can dig a deep hole in the ground. It’s very difficult to dig deep if the diameter of the hole is small. It should be a large diameter if you want to dig a hole deep in the ground. The same applies to the study. With the interest in the wide variety of areas, you need to make a large circle before developing your study further.

I believe that the same applies to the practice of law regardless of the difference in the areas of the practice from academic study. Because we have a diversified range of experienced lawyers who have handled a diversified range of cases, we can provide the best legal service to all of our clients. Please make the most of our service. I look forward to working for you.
Toshiaki Kuboi
Representative Partner